Steve has not been seen or heard of since he abruptly quit social media and wandered off one day.  Few noticed.  Now, he lives in the woods and annoys small, woodland critters with his jokes, and occasional stand up routines.

He smells.

Described by those who know him as a “wraith” or “shadow,” his  presence can  be felt when you are most alone.  If you say Steve’s name three times in a mirror, he’ll appear; it happened to a friend of mine.

Thanks to some early success in comedy, many had high hopes for Steve –but he’s really petered out (and between you and me, never should have left Calgary).  To the chagrin of his parents, he’s still “doing comedy” and “one of the funniest people I know” according to ((SOURCE PENDING)).

 ~ stevesmells ~


July 4th, 2017: New short story from Steve Scholtz – President for a Day